Savor Edibles and Fragrants Bikes 15 miles to work daily.
Currently restoring his 1925 Victorian. By hand.
Regularly wins every local Poetry Slam.
Real claim to fame? The tastiest tomatoes on Marcy Avenue.
Savor Edibles and Fragrants Speaks 5 languages fluently.
Dominates at outdoor sports.
Hand-crafts her own jewelry.
Prepares meals that make the above look like child’s play.
Savor Edibles and Fragrants Has read all the Brontë novels. Twice.
Taught herself to play classical guitar.
Has photographed 56 of the 58 national parks.
Favorite achievement is her red pepper pesto pasta.

Thyme Everything

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You grow what you eat. You eat what you grow. It’s smart, it’s enjoyable, it’s fresh, and it’s delicious. And it’s an adventure that starts with Savor – the new name that’s redefining the edible growing experience. Start the adventure with us.

Who wants Savor?

Who wants Savor?

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In short, Marina and her friends.

This growing group of smart, energetic young people are discovering the world of fresh herbs and vegetables. They’re enthusiastically embracing these fresh foods for being healthy, tasty, and satisfying. Mostly, they’re finding that growing their own garden herb and vegetable plants is a lot more fun than buying them.

All over the U.S., they’re transforming do-it-yourself into make-it-yourself by transforming their urban spaces into gardens. Foods and flavors are becoming daily journeys involving sun, rain, soil, and a healthy outlook on what goes on their plates, how to get it there.

Meet Ben

Meet Ben from Savor Edibles and Fragrants

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He moves through life with a calm that belies his hidden talents, and lends truth to the wisdom that still waters run deep. Need an example? He studied Frost and Whitman, but on poetry slam nights his rhymes are equal parts shouting and sledgehammer. By day he tools around uptown on his fixie while yelling at taxi drivers, and at night you’ll find him quietly restoring the woodwork on the vintage Victorian he owns with his fiancée. In between, his neighbors hear a selection of tunes from his vinyl collection and one of them actually asked him to turn it up once. He knows what makes a tomato “heirloom” and can recite the Latin names for all seven varieties he grows. But he’s still waiting for someone to ask.