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The idea is simple: You grow what you eat, you eat what you grow. It’s smart, it’s enjoyable, it’s fresh and delicious. It’s also a line of 150 tasty herb and vegetable plant varieties created from superior genetics and incredibly rigorous cultivation and selection.

Each plant in the Savor line has gone through three years of trials and testing to ensure ideal growth, flavor, and overall health. Sure, it sounds like a lot of work – and it is – but we know it’s well worth the effort. The proven genetics behind Savor means proven success for gardeners.

What does it mean for a garden center? It means a whole new breed of customers are showing up at the world’s garden center doors ready to take home the fresh, healthy starter plants that can help them grow their own adventures.

What does it mean for Marina, Ben, and Emma? (You just saw them on the home page. You did notice them, didn’t you?) It means they now have the tools to pursue a fun, delicious, new adventure. The kind that feeds their minds, their souls, and their tastebuds all at the same time.

Easy to grow. Easy to choose.

Savor Cat's Meow


Savor products aren’t just fresh and healthy, they’re fun. We’ve given them whimsical names like Pasta Perfect Parsley, Stir Fry Thai Basil, and Lemon-Ade Lemon Balm that are not only memorable, they also give you a hint as to their application.

How about your garden center?

Your place can be the starting point for Emma’s growing adventure, and the adventures of millions of folks just like her. We’ll help you create a Savor destination for everything this new breed of grower needs to create and maintain their healthy, edible, herb and vegetable gardens. We can outfit you with the vegetable starter plants, the packaging, the signage, and the support you need to put your Savor section on the edible grower’s map.

Let us know how we can help you set up a Savor launch pad inside your store for avid, hungry shoppers eager to grow their own herbs, vegetables, and adventures.

From the hands of Pleasant View Gardens

Savor didn’t just spring out of the ground on its own. It sprung from the minds of the growers at Pleasant View Gardens. They’ve spent forty years believing that success isn’t found, it’s grown. And they’ve raised some of the best plants in the world, including creating Proven Winners®, the world’s number one plant brand. The adventure of growing, cooking, and tasting the freshest and most delicious edibles and fragrants began on their New Hampshire farm, and it continues in your garden, into your kitchen, and way beyond.