Savor Herbs

Bee Happy

Growing Specs

Full Sun

9 - 12"

3 - 6"

6 - 11

Bee Happy™ Oregano is grown as a kitchen herb and also for its mauve flowers in the Summer garden. The compact nature of oregano plants, along with their spreading stems, are ideal for rock gardens and containers.

Perfect Pollination

Bee Happy Oregano sports clusters of soft mauve flowers in midSummer over a mound of chartreuse to golden-yellow foliage. Use in the garden as an edging or plant in containers and combinations. Many types of oregano are used to add flavor to our favorite dishes.

Bee Happy Oregano also attracts nature's greatest pollinators - bees! In fact, oregano has been thought to be one of the top five plants to attract bees. The leaves are fragrant and may also be used in cooking.