Savor Herbs

Fat Spikes

Growing Specs

Full Sun

36 - 48"

24 - 36"

5 - 11

Fat Spikes™ Lavender is a heavy bloomer with a strong lavender fragrance. It’s a wonderful, drought tolerant choice for container gardening, planting along walkways or the garden, and is especially suited for potpourri, baths and herbal crafts. Attracts butterflies.

Refreshing Lavender Bath

Muslin bag
3 tbsp. lavender buds
1 tbsp. mint leaves

Lavender bath teas are an easy way to enjoy a scented bath. Take several handfuls of lavender buds and leaves, place in a gallon jar and pour boiling water over them. Steep for an hour and add to your bath. You can also put the herbs in a small muslin bag and place under running water. A few herbs to try with lavender are rosemary, mint, chamomile flowers, rose petals, rose hips, thyme, basil, grated or dried ginger root, marjoram and sage. Add whatever amount of herbs to your bags that you like.