Savor Herbs

Good Friends

Growing Specs

Full Sun

18 - 24"

18 - 24"

6 - 10

The Good Friends Sage plant is a must-have, with striking leaves. Plant alongside Savory Sachet Sage and Fairest of All Sage for a spectacular effect. Gardeners in northern zones should bring indoors in the fall.

Extracting Sage Oil for Bath Salts

Tie the stems and leaves of the sage using a cheesecloth. Throw it in a pot of boiling water, cover, let simmer for a couple of hours. Let the boiled water cool down first to room temperature, which makes the oil rise to the top. After removing used sage, extract the oil with a baster, and store it in a glass container. One common use for sage oil is in bath salts, but there are many others too.