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Lemon Tease

Growing Specs

Full Sun

20 - 24"

24 - 48"

8 - 10

Intense lemon fragrance makes it valued for flavoring teas, especially when blended with mint. This lemon verbena plant can also be used for liqueurs, fruit salads, jams, veggie marinades, salad dressings, iced drinks, and dried for potpourri.

Lemon Verbena Liqueur

Chop one half cup of fresh lemon verbena leaves and put in a jar. Add 4 cups of vodka and let it sit covered for 2 weeks, shake once in a while. After 2 weeks, add 2 cups of sugar and shake to dissolve. Let that sit for 2 more weeks. Strain out the leaves, bottle the gloriously fragrant, delicious liqueur and either add it to desserts or seltzer.