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Petite Silver

Growing Specs

Full Sun

18 - 24"

12 - 18"

8 - 11

Lovely silvery-white foliage of these curry plants has the fragrance of curry powder, though it has nothing to do with spices used in Indian cooking. Dwarf Curry plants are a great accent for the herb garden and in mixed planters. Dried curry plant flowers and fragrant foliage are attractive in floral arrangements and herbal crafts.

Tomato Cilantro Salsa

Dwarf curry sports bright, silver foliage with yellow button-like blooms in Summer. They retain their color after picking and can be used in dried floral arrangements, potpourri, nosegays and wreaths. Dwarf curry is also a great accent plant in the herb garden, rock garden and in containers. Train it into a topiary or clip it into a tidy shape. It's especially charming in window boxes and terra cotta pots.

If you love the way curry smells, you'll love this plant since it brings that curry smell to your garden. Although not edible, its delicious fragrance is more pronounced when planted in a warm, sheltered spot. Potted plants will release a pleasant scent when brushed against. Provide good air circulation and soil drainage. Very drought tolerant and deer resistant. Let the soil dry after watering thoroughly.