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18 - 24"

24 - 36"

8 - 11

The dill plant is used in Spring for its leaves and later in the fall for its seeds. Use fresh dill for pickling cucumbers or flavoring fish, eggs, potatoes, dips and spreads.

Dill-icious Dill Pickles

4 lb. pickling cucumbers
2 quarts of water
2 quarts of white vinegar
Scant 1/2 c. canning salt
For each jar:
2 peeled cloves of garlic
2 fresh sprigs of dill
5 black peppercorns

Soak cucumbers in a tub of ice water overnight. Pack sterilized jars with several sprigs of dill, garlic and cucumbers. Boil the water, vinegar and salt for 5 minutes. Pour the brine into jars and cover with canning lids. Process in boiling water for 10 minutes.