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Steppin’ Red

Growing Specs

Full Sun

12 - 15"

3 - 6"

4 - 9

There are very few ground covers that can be walked on, and Steppin’ Red Thyme is one of them. It’s a spectacular sight for the front of the border, cascading over a wall or as a ground cover between stepping stones. It survives nicely with little or no care.

A Thyme Lawn

Space plants 12" apart for quick coverage. If mixing several thyme varieties, be sure to plant in drifts of 5 or more per variety. Red and Pink Creeping Thyme and Hall's Woolly Thyme may all be used in a thyme lawn. Water thoroughly and soak once or twice a week for the first 2 - 3 weeks. Once the plants begin to grow, soak once every 7 - 10 days.

When established, keep on the dry side as thyme is drought tolerant. Do not overwater. The recommended varieties are low growers that do not need mowing. However, to keep your lawn looking tidy after blooming, set the mower blade at the height that cuts off the flower tops but doesn't cut into the stems and foliage below. Use a bagger to remove the faded flowers and to help the stems fill in any bare spots. To avoid wearing a path through your thyme lawn, paving stones are recommended for pathways and other areas that have constant foot traffic.