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Savor Edibles & Fragrants are an exciting offering. So we’ve created a series of merchandising opportunities and accessories to help catch the eyes and stir the hearts of the hungry customers online and in your retail space. These tools capture the youthful, hands-on attitude that defines the Savor brand.

To put all of these to work for you, contact us at, and we’ll help you out.

Savor on Facebook


The experience of growing what you eat isn’t just in the backyard, it’s on social media, too. And rock-stars like Marina, Ben and Emma are the engine that drives that. Which is why our Facebook page helps them get their social fix by discovering growing info, the foodie culture, and a wealth of other healthy-eating facts, and entertainment.

Savor on Instagram


It’s not all just words with us. We love to document the adventure in pictures, too. Follow us on Instagram!

3" cart shelf strips

3” Cart Shelf Strips

Apply these to the front edges of your cart shelves and they create the look of a custom display.

Snap-off Tags

Snap-Off® Tags

Looks like an ordinary plant tag, right? It’s not. It’s also an inspiration, featuring a recipe on the back of the Snap-Off® tag – plus a duplicate set of directions. You can bring the top half into your kitchen where it will serve as a handy, modern-day recipe card and reminder of the fresh, healthy goodness that awaits in your garden. After all, everyone’s garden and kitchen could use a little Mediterranean Greek culture or Far East inspiration, right?

Branded Coir Pots

Branded Coir Pots

We know that Ben cares about the environment, so all delicious Savor products come in branded, yet biodegradable pots. That way, the healthy goodness they pull from the Earth won’t put any un-healthy stuff back into it.

18 x 18 Display Sign

18” x 18” Display Sign

Position this display in your retail space and it piques interest in the Savor brand, directing traffic toward the Savor products in your store.

4" benchtape

4” Benchtape

Add these to the edges of your workbenches and create a unique Savor display area.

17" x 11" Benchcard

17” x 11” Benchcard

The distinctive simplicity of the Savor coir pots draws attention to the product, but this benchcard gives a fuller picture of the culture and attitude that defines the Savor brand.

21 x 67" Trolley Sign

21×67” Trolley Sign

To really drive home the distinctive look and feel of the Savor brand, transform your display trolley with this top-to-bottom sign.

To add even greater interest, we’ve created these uniquely retro specialty signs to match our distinctive edibles and fragrants offering.

11″ x 7″ Specialty Bench Cards

11″ x 7″ Specialty Bench Cards

18″ x 18″ Specialty Large Sign