Savor Vegetables

San Marzano

Growing Specs

Full Sun



85-90 days

This well-known Italian heirloom plum tomato plant is highly prized for fruit with exceptional tomato flavor and considered by many chefs to be the best sauce tomato in the world.

Special Tips

Moist, well-drained soil.

Quick & Easy Flavor

San Marzano tomatoes are preferred by many for Italian cooking due to their clean, full, sweet tomato flavor. This well-known Italian heirloom has thick walls, few seeds, little juice, and is highly prized for its exceptional tomato sauce. The taste is much stronger, sweeter and less acidic than Roma tomatoes. A prolific producer of bright red, slim, 3 inch, plum-type fruit over a long season. As is typical of heirloom plants, San Marzano is an open-pollinated variety that breeds true from generation to generation, making seed saving practical for the home gardener.