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The Peppers Plant by Savor


The pepper plant produces fruit in different colors, including red, yellow, orange, green, choco-late/brown, vanilla/white, and even purple. Peppers are typically designated by color, flavor, and “heat”.

Savor offers a wide variety of pepper plants, including our hot chili Basket of Fire, hot stuffing cherry Capperino, hot ancho mulato Capulin, sweet Italian bulls horn Carmen and Carno di Toro Rosso, hot Cayenne, sweet mini Cute Stuff Red, sweet green Declaration Bell, sweeting stuff-ing Flamingo, hot Habanero, hot serrano Hot Rod, sweet Hungarian Cheese Blend, hot Jalapeno, sweet green Lady Bell, hot patio chili Loco, sweet Purple Beauty Bell, sweet Red Beauty Bell, patio red Redskin Bell, sweet green Revolution Bell, sweet yellow Sandpiper Bell, sweet and hot stuffing Sweet Heat, sweet orange Torero Bell, and sweet Yummy Mix.

All of our pepper plants are available in 4” biodegradable coir pots that can be planted directly in the ground, and include an eye-catching Snap Off® garden tag that features a recipe and suggested uses on the back. The tag also serves as a stake identifier so you can keep track of the peppers in your garden.